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DVD - The Craft of Conducting

What is conducting?

Conducting is the communication of your musical intention through gesture. In The Craft of Conducting Denise shows, step-by-step, how this technique can be learned. The result is an approach that is both clear and musical and is applicable to every type of ensemble or choir at any level.

Volume 1

This lays the foundations of the technique, beginning with the importance of stance and moving on to cover:

  • Arm movements and breathing
  • Controlling the sound
  • Beating patterns
  • Creating accents
  • The Baton
  • The left hand

Volume 2

The second volume of this two-part course builds on the principles established in Volume I. The aim is to increase the fluency of your technique so that you are free to express your musical intentions and convey them clearly to an instrumental or vocal ensemble. The more advanced techniques shown here are:

  • Subdivisions
  • Varied forms of accents & pauses
  • Influencing the texture, dynamic and effecting rubato with the baton
  • Larger body movement


"An outstanding guide to conducting technique. These clear and comprehensive DVDs will be invaluable to anyone who is serious about acquiring the craft. There is no doubt that Denise Ham is one of the very finest teachers of conducting in Europe. Her teaching of technique is exemplary in every respect. What distinguishes her approach to technique is that she never allows her pupils to forget what it is for...the MUSIC! "

George Hurst

"It is something of a rarity to hear of an instructional video for conductors... Every issue Ham covers is filmed clearly, often from multiple angles, and she demonstrates a number of exercises that might be used to help with specific areas... Denise Ham covers most of what is possible...and does so with care and precision"

Robin Newton, Classical Music, July 2004

"It was my intention just to dip into this DVD but it was so compelling that I found myself watching the whole thing. "The Craft of Conducting" is exactly that - a wealth of information clearly communicated, which will be invaluable to all who currently conduct or whose ambition is to guide and inspire those in orchestras, bands and choirs."

Clara Taylor, Chief Examiner,
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, 1997-2010


Instructional DVD, 'The Craft of Conducting'

The Craft of Conducting is now available to watch in two volumes on YouTube.
Each volume contains eight carefully structured short lessons that deal progressively with every element of conducting technique - both with and without baton. Lessons include stance, beating patterns, the left hand, pauses, accents, influencing texture and dynamic and integrated body movement.

Both volumes are available in streamed format on YouTube by following these links:

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